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We are manufacturer and supplier of handmade soaps which are prepared using the traditional "hot kettle" method, then machine milled to perfection. Sabuwala means "soap maker". This is our family surname and so being, compels us to excellence. Our ph-balanced soaps are made using quality saponified plant and vegetable oils and are 100% free of animal fats. We never test on animals. Combining our family expertise with the onsite insight of our, we proudly offer innovative original recipes for private labeling, as well as popular time-tested favorites. We provide outstanding personal attention and customer service through every step of production including formulation and package design and we cater to all venues.


Currently available:

Our own popular "khooshee" brand toilet soaps (Grade 1) - Beauty, Seasonal, Natural, Sandal, Neem, Saffron and Coconut.
Our "khooshee" Natural Soaps contain only pure vegetable oils, essential oil extracts and herbal blends...
completely free of synthetic perfumes, dyes and petroleum derivatives.

  • Custom toilet soaps and gotis (mini soaps) in all sizes and shapes for private label.
  • Individual guest soaps for hotels, resorts and spas.
  • 100% natural bathing/skincare soaps using pure vegetable oils, essential oil extracts, and natural colorants to customer specifications.
  • Specialty soaps such as saffron, neem, charcoal and herbal soaps.

Sabuwala Soap Works, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat , India is licensed for manufacture.